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Japanese, Sumatras, and Australorps

About Me:

My name is Marina Banjoff and I am currently an 9 year 4H member. I have now been raising poultry for 8 years and have tons of experience in shows. I have gotten my three main breeds: Australorps, Sumatras, and Japanese from some of the top breeders in the country. All parents of my chicks and young birds for sale are top notch champions. They have won multiple awards each. In fact, my Australorps already have some children that have all gotten champion or reserve champion awards.

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I began to raise Japanese because of the characteristics that they have that is not similar to very many other breeds. The tail needs to be around 90 degrees, which is a disqualification within many other breeds. They need to have nearly nonexistent legs. Japanese are also a bit more difficult to breed being that within the egg, certain cells often collide causing fatality at the end of the developmental cycle. However, I generally have the most birds of this breed in stock.


The current father of all babies has won Reserve Grand Champion Overall titles. My females have won champion titles as well. Sumatras are known for their long flowing tails and solid black coloration. They are long birds in general, and majestic as can be. They also lay white eggs and are very good producers from what I have come to notice.


Currently, every single Australorp I have ever shown within this line has won at least a reserve champion title. The mother a champion title, father a Reserve Grand Champion title, and all babies a Reserve Champion title. After that show, the judge told me that if my pullets and cockerels were only a few months older, they both would have won overall.

Contact me at (219)250-0036 call or text. I will not answer calls between 5am and 3pm on weekdays due to schooling, however feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you!

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