Show Quality Breeds

Japanese, Sumatras, and Australorps


Within my stock, Australorps are probably my most likely to be champion birds. They are also wonderful egg layers. I actually originally got them when I was in 4th grade as egg layers, and it wasn't until a few years later that I really came into the professional poultry world. They were the first real show quality birds that I have ever bought and are probably the tamest too. Even all of my roosters have been completely tame and sweet with people with no accidents. The females are bright and happy and perfect little companions for the every day flock, or for show quality lines. I would recommend them as either. They lay large brown eggs. Some of my hens even sometimes produce double yolked eggs. The males are very protective of their females and do what they can to save them from harm. They are also quite gentle with them too and make great additions to flocks as well. They can also be put with other males without much of a problem. They are very easy going and nonaggressive birds, even the males.